At DreamDry, we believe that every day should be glamorous—and it all begins with your hair.

We've put together a team of leading stylists and trendsetters, led by Rachel Zoe and Robin Moraetes, to give our clientele the blowout they've always dreamed of. And how do we do this? By bringing an unprecedented level of luxury, fun, efficiency and style to our salons. From our proprietary training program to our personalized customer experience, DreamDry is committed to bringing you a better blowout.

Welcome to Blowdry 2.0

DreamDry isn't just a salon — It's a destination.

We're making it easier than ever to express your personal style — and keep your style evolving. We go above-and-beyond to ensure that every visit is consistently exceptional — and exceptionally consistent.

Step through our doors, and you'll be greeted with a smile & beverage of your choice. Each of our styling stations have personal iPads — yours to enjoy, throughout your entire DreamDry experience. Catch up on your favorite magazines and flip through the latest red-carpet hair trends. Or simply relax & do nothing at all: serenity is always in vogue.

After a quick consult with your stylist, you'll be escorted back to our wet space to get all lathered up, and then it's over to your styling station for the ultimate blow dry, braid or updo: faster than you'd ever dreamed possible, with impeccable attention & care.

Ready to check out? Don't forget to pick up some fabulous jewelry or candles in our curated retail cove at reception. Items are updated seasonally and hand picked by us!

Who says luxury has to cost an arm & a leg — or take more than an hour?

Robin & Rachel

DreamDry Academy

As part of our commitment to giving you a better blowout, we've created the DreamDry Academy, our proprietary training program. Once a stylist joins our team, they go through a lengthy training process where they will gain hands-on experience and receive tips on styling all hair lengths and textures. This helps us ensure that every single DreamDry stylist will give the most efficient, consistent and stylish blowout possible. Sounds serious, right? It may be. But don't worry — our stylists know how to have a little fun too.

On Trend

We're often inspired by looks we see on the red carpet and the runway. Whether it's a new updo spotted at the Golden Globes or long, ethereal waves seen at Fashion Week, we want our hair to look just like our favorite stars. Luckily, that's now possible. Every season, DreamDry will feature two new hairstyles inspired by the latest looks from the runway and red carpet. Stop by our salon or visit our website to get a sneak peek of these new styles.

Express Service

Pressed for time? With our Express Service, you can get a legendary look in a New York minute (Well, 20 minutes, to be precise...)

No water. No washing. Just a light dusting of dry shampoo, and we'll have your hair swept into a fashion-forward braid or sophisticated updo — or even a dry blow-out — before you're done browsing the latest ZOE Report on your iPad.


DreamDry has partnered with premier brands in the fashion, design and home categories. Stay tuned for more information.